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Man in His Time, A, The Jetwing Story and the life of Herbert CoorayShiromalCooray2018General
Man of the Masses - R. Premadasa, A BiographyWimalAbhayasundara1979Politics
Man-Eating Leopard of Punanai, Sri Lanka, TheDouglas BRanasinghe2009General
Management Techniques in the Tea Plantation Industry - Seminar PapersInstitute of Chartered Accountans of CeylonN/A1971General
Managing Ethnic Tensions in Multi-Ethnic Societies, Sri Lanka Silva1986General
Maname & Other StoriesA.M.G.Sirimane1977Literature
Mandalarama (Vattarama) & Alokalena (Alulena)G. R.Gunawardana Banda2017Religion
Mangroves of Sri LankaLeonardPinto1986General
Mannar, Sri LnkaSaralaFernando2017General
Mannar, A MonographW. J. S.Boake1888General
Manners, Customs & Ceremonies of Sri LankaMiniwan P.Tillakaratne1986General
Manning Coconut Trial Ground - ReportN/AN/a1918General
Manpower & Economic Development in CeylonS.Selvaratnam1969General
Manual of a Mystic - F. L. Woodward, a Buddhist Scholar in Ceylon & TasmaniaMichaelPowell2001Religion
Manual of Buddhism, ANaradaThera1949Religion
Manual of Buddhist Historical Traditions, A (Saddhamma-Sangaha)Bimala ChurnLaw1841 (Reprint 1999)Religion
Manual Of Green Manuring, ADept of AgricultureN/A1931General
Manual of the Birds of CeylonW.E.Wait1931General
Manual of the Mammals of CeylonW.W.A.Phillips1935General
Manual of the Vanni Districts, Ceylon, AJ.P.Lewis1993General
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