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My Son Lia & Other StoriesRosalindMendisN/ALiterature
My Trek to the HeartA. T. SPaul2002General
Mynah at the Zoo & Other EssaysJ.Vijayatunga1947Literature
Mysterious Adventures of the Little BoyS.KuruppuarachchiN/ALiterature
Mystique of Sigiriya, The - Whispers of the Mirror WallW. J. M.Lokubandara2007History
Myth of Forced Conversions, The - Portuguese Missionary MethodsS.G., Rev. FrPerera1956Religion
Myths of the Hindus & BuddhistsAnanda K.Coomaraswamy1967Religion
N.M. - A Short Silva1975Politics
Nadagama - The First Sri Lankan TheatreM.H., DrGoonatilleka1984General
Names & Numbers, StoriesChiranthiRajapakse2017Literature
Narcotics & Drugs in Sri Lanka, Sociological DimensionsD.C.Jayasuriya1986General
Narcotics and Drug Use Problems - Colombo Plan MeetingColombo Plan BureauN/A1974General
Narrating Tamil Nationalism Subjectivities & IssuesMichaelRoberts2005General
Narrative of Events which Have Recently Occured in the Island of Ceylon, AGentleman On The SpotN/A1937History
Narrow EscapeS.BevilapitiyaN/ALiterature
Natarajah - A Poem for Mr T.S.Eliot's Sixtieth BirthdayTambimuttuN/A1948Literature
National Arms & Badges of Ceylon, Ceremonial & Other Uniforms (Sessional Paper, 1953)R.S.V.Poulier1953General
National Atlas of Sri Lanka, TheSurvey DeptN/A1988General
National Education - Its Concept and ContentN.Sabaratnam1961General
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