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Buddhism & the Age of ScienceU ChanHtoon1967Religion
Buddhism & The British Government in Ceylon Silva1960Religion
Buddhism & The Race QuestionG.P.Malalasekera1958Religion
Buddhism & Traditional Medicine in Sri LankaJinadasaLiyanaratne1999Religion
Buddhism - Beliefs & Practices in Sri LankaL.Ade Silva1974Religion
Buddhism - The Religion & Its CultureAnanda W.P.Guruge1975Religion
Buddhism and Ethnicity in Sri LankaAnandaWickremeratne1995Religion
Buddhism Betrayed? - Religion, Politics & Violence in Sri LankaS.J.Tambiah1990Religion
Buddhism ExplainedBikkhuKantipaloN/AReligion
Buddhism In A NutshellNaradaThera1966Religion
Buddhism in Ancient Arabia & IsraelA. D. T. E.Perera2013Religion
Buddhism in Ceylon Under The Christian PowersTennakoonVimalananda1963Religion
Buddhism in Daily LifeNinavan Gorkom1980Religion
Buddhism in Life - Study of Religion & the Sinhalese Practice of BuddhismMartinSouthwold1983Religion
Buddhism in Sinhalese Society, 1750-1900KitsiriMalalgoda1976Religion
Buddhism in Sri LankaG.P., DrMalalasekeraN/AReligion
Buddhism in Sri Lanka in the 17th & 18th CenturiesA.H.Mirando1985Religion
Buddhism In The Modern WorldG.P.MalalasekeraN/AReligion
Buddhism OutlinedParawahera VajiranaMaha Thera1951Religion
Buddhism Primitive & Present in Magadha and in CeylonReginald StephenCopleston1984Religion
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