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Sri Lanka What Went Wrong? J.R.J's Free & Righteous SocietyV.P.Vittachi1995Politics
Sri Lanka Wildlife - No 5, 1988QuintusFernando1988General
Sri Lanka Wildlife - Vol 1, 1985QuintusFernando1985General
Sri Lanka Year Book 1975Dept of Census & StatisticsN/A1976General
Sri Lanka Year Book 1977Dept of Census & StatisticsN/A1978General
Sri Lanka Year Book 1982Dept of Census & StatisticsN/A1983General
Sri Lanka's Biodiversity HeritageRohanPethiyagoda1998General
Sri Lanka's Development ThrustMallory E.Wijesinghe1981General
Sri Lanka's EnvironmentSanjeewaKaviratneN/AGeneral
Sri Lanka's Ethnic Conflict: Some Relevant StatisticsQASLUVeritasN/AGeneral
Sri Lanka's Ethnic Crisis & National SecurityRohanGunaratna1998General
Sri Lanka's Ethnic Problem - Logos - Vol 23, No 3, 1984Centre For Society & ReligionN/A1984General
Sri Lanka's First Oblate - Paules Stephen PooreyEdmund, Rt. Rev. DrPeiris1975Religion
Sri Lanka's First Prime Minister - Don Stephen SenanayakeH.A.J.Hulugalle1975Politics
Sri Lanka's Foreign Affairs - Commemmorative Publication 50 YearsMinistry of Foreign AffairsN/A1998General
Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister Replies to India's Prime MinisterMinistry of StateN/A1984General
Sri Lanka's Foreign Policy - A Study in Non-AlignmentH.S.S.Nissanka1984Politics
Sri Lanka's Hybrid Presidential & Parliamentary System & The Separation of Powers DoctrineH.M.Zafrullah1981Politics
Sri Lanka's Magnificient Cloud ForestsWolfgangWerner2001General
Sri Lanka's Military: The Search for a Mission, 1949 - 2004BrianBlodgett2004General
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