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Buddhism: Its Essence & Some Relevant ApproachesRajahKuruppu2011Religion
Buddhist & Vedic Studies - A A.Wijesekera1994Religion
Buddhist Alternative, TheV.A., DrGunasekera1986Religion
Buddhist Analysis of MatterY.Karunadsa1967Religion
Buddhist and Benedictine Monastic EducationW.L.A., Rev FrDon Peter1990Religion
Buddhist Annual 1967J.Wickramasinghe1967Religion
Buddhist Catechism, TheHenry S.Olcott1908Religion
Buddhist Critique of the Christian Concept of God, AGunapalaDharamasiri1974Religion
Buddhist Democratic Political Theory & PracticeNandasenaRatnapala1997Religion
Buddhist Dictionary - Manual of Buddhist Terms & DoctrinesNyanatilokaN/A1972Religion
Buddhist Doctrine of Life After Death, ThePiyadassiThera1980Religion
Buddhist EssaysJ. R.Jayewardene1982Religion
Buddhist Essays & ReviewsA.D.Jayasundere1949Religion
Buddhist EthicsHammalawaSaddhatissa1970Religion
Buddhist IndiaT.W.Rhys Davids1981Religion
Buddhist Jataka Stories & The Russian Novel Mysticsim of LawrenceMartinWickramasinghe1991Literature
Buddhist Jataka Stories and the Russian Novel, TheMartinWickramasignhe1956Religion
Buddhist Meditation - The Way to Inner Calm & ClarityPiyadassiThera1978Religion
Buddhist Monastic ArchitectureAnuradhaSeneviratna1992Religion
Buddhist Monastic Life According to Theravada TraditionMohanWijyayratna1990Religion
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