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Ceylon The Path to IndependenceCharles, SirJeffries1962Politics
Ceylon The Portuguese Era - Vol 1Paul E.Pieris1982History
Ceylon The Portuguese Era - Vol 2Paul E.Pieris1983History
Ceylon The Tea IslandCeylon Tea CentreN/A1969General
Ceylon Today and Yesterday - Main Currents of Ceylon HistoryG.C., DrMendis1995History
Ceylon Under British Rule 1795-1932Lennox A.Mills1933History
Ceylon Under The BritishG.C.Mendis1952History
Ceylon Under The British Occupation 1795-1833 - Vol 1Colvin RDe Silva1953History
Ceylon Under The British Occupation, 1795-1833 - Vol 2Colvin RDe Silva1962History
Ceylon Under Western RuleL.H.HoracePerera1959History
Ceylon VagabondLalaAdithiya1969General
Ceylon We Knew, TheValentineVamadevan1995General
Ceylon Year Book 1948Department of StatisticsN/A1948General
Ceylon Year Book 1949Dept of Census & StatisticsN/A1949General
Ceylon Year Book 1950Dept of Census & StatisticsN/A1951General
Ceylon Year Book 1952-53Dept of Census & StatisticsN/A1954General
Ceylon Year Book 1954Dept of Census & StatisticsN/A1954General
Ceylon Year Book 1955Dept of Census & StatisticsN/A1955General
Ceylon Year Book 1956Dept of Census & StatisticsN/A1957General
Ceylon Year Book 1957Dept of Census & StatisticsN/A1958General
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