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Feast of Carnivores, AVernonGooneratne1998Literature
Feast of the Sorcerer, The - Practices of Consciousness & PowerBruceKapferer1997Religion
Federation Handbook, TheEmployers' Federation of CeylonN/A1965General
Feguson's Ceylon Directory 1970-1971 (112th Edition)Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1971General
Feminism & Nationalism in the Third WorldKumariJayawardena1986General
Ferguson Library, The (Section of Mr D.R.Wijewardene's Library)J.H.O.Paulusz1948History
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1954Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1955General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1955Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1956General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1956Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1957General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1960Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1961General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1961Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1962General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1962Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1963General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1963Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1964General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1964Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1965General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1965Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1966General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1966Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1967General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1967Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1968General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1972-73Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1974General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1974-1975 (116th Edition)Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1975General
Ferguson's Ceylon Directory 1977-1978 (118th Edition)Associated Newspapers of Ceylon LtdN/A1978General
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