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Appraisal of the Concept of a Traditional Homeland in Sri Lanka, AnG.H.Peiris1985General
Appraisal of the Federal Alternative for Sri Lanka, Silva1991Politics
Approaches in Community DevelopmentChandraratneBandaraN/AGeneral
Approaches To Asia - Australian Postwar Polices & AttitudesGordonGreenwood1974General
Approaches to Improving Water Management in Large Scale Irrigation SchemesM.P.Moore1980General
April 1971 Insurrection in Ceylon, The - A Bibliographical CommentaryH.A.I.Goonetileke1975General
April New Year Festival, TheJ.B.Disanayaka1993General
Aquinas Journal, Vol 3, No 2, December 1986W. L. A., Rev. DrDon Peter1986General
ArathiNihalde Silva2010Literature
Archaelogical Guide to Sigiri Frescoes, AnAbeyratna BandaAbeysinghe1995History
Archaeo Lanka - Contemporaray Research on Sri Lankan Pre-Modern SocietyEvaMyrdal-Runebjer1988General
Archaeological Guide to Polonnaruva, AnRajaDe Silva1976History
Archaeology & Photography - The Early Years 1868 - 1880IsmethRaheem2009General
Archaeology of TissamaharamaHenryParker1998History
Archdiocese of Colombo, The (Catholic)ManelAbhayaratna2000Religion
Architect, The - 1957-2007 Commemorative Volume of the Sri Lanka Institute of ArchitectsVeranjanKurukulasuriya2007General
Architectural Remains, Anurahapura, Sri LankaJames. GSmithers1993History
Architecture Of An Island, TheRonaldLewcock1998General
Architecture of Sri LankaC.E.Godakumbura1976General
Arjuna Ranatunga: The Ideal CaptainMetthanandaWijekulasuriya1999General
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