Several important works on the subject of Sri Lankans and Australia are kept in the Library. These include academic theses, dissertations, essays and books. Some of these are:

In depth studies on the 500 Sinhalese immigrants who arrived to work on the Sugar Plantations in 1882 aboard the SS Devonshire. For example: "A Study of Acculturation" A Dissertation submitted by Mr Pandula Endagama, in March 1981, at James Cook University of North Queensland. Other studies on these early immigrants include work done by Mr Bernard Swan and Mr Stanley J. Sparkes.

"Sri Lankans in Melbourne: Factors Influencing Patterns of Ethnicity" a Thesis done by Mr Sisira K. Pinnawala in 1984, in fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the Australian National University, Canberra.

"Complexities of the Sri Lankan Migrants in Australia", a Thesis submitted By Sister Tania De Jong, R.G.S., in 1982, to Monash University.

Studies on various aspects of Sri Lankan migrants in Australia.

Studies done by students and academics in Australia on various Sri Lanka topics.

Census statistics for Sri Lankans in Victoria, along with demography studies.

Newsletters of various Sri Lankan Clubs and Associations around Australia, and a detailed list of various Sri Lankan Groups, Associations and Clubs in Victoria, numbering some 145.

"Links Between Sri Lanka and Australia", by Dr Wickrema Weerasooria, printed in 1988.

Publications put out by Mr Rodney Arambewela, the Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in Melbourne, and that edited by Dr's Cynthia & Ian Van den Driesen of Perth, W.A. in connection with the 50th Anniversary of Sri Lanka's Independence, in 1998.

Various other Studies, Theses, Dissertations and Essays done by various individuals over the past twenty five years are also available.

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