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India in Ceylonese History, Society & CultureM.D.Raghavan1964General
India's Boundary & Territorial DisputesSurya P.Sharma1971General
India's Role in Sri Lanka's Ethnic Conflict (Marga 3/19)SankaranKrishna2001General
India's Sri Lanka Fiasco - Peacekeepers at WarRajeshKadian1990General
India, Pakistan, CeylonW.NormanBrown1960General
India, We Tamils and Sri LankaS.Piyasena1987General
Indian Culture In The Days of the Zoysa1955General
Indian Factor In The Security Prespectives of Sri Lanka, TheA.Liyanagamage1993General
Indian Intervention in Sri Lanka - The Role of India's Intelligence AgenciesRohanGunaratna1993General
Indian JourneysCarlMuller2011General
Indian Ocean Service 1943-1946 - Qantas Empire AirwaysBarryPattison1979General
Indian Ocean TreasureArthur C.Clarke1964General
Indian Willow - A Short History of Indian CricketN. S.Ramaswami1971General
Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom (Filmed in Ceylon)JamesKahn1984Literature
Indians in Victoria - A Historical, Social & Demographic Profile of Indian ImmigrantsPurusottamaBilimoria1989General
Indigenous Medicine - Suggestions For Reform of the ProfessionK.Balasingham1931General
Indo Lanka Ethnic Affinities - 2P. N.Cumaranatunga2003General
Indo-Ceylon Problem 1937-1948 - DocumentsGeorge R.MothaN/AGeneral
Indo-Ceylon Problem, The - The Politics of Immigrant LabourW. T.Jayasinghe2002General
Indo-Ceylon Relations Exploratory Conference - ProceedingsGovt of CeylonN/A1941General
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