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Loris, Vol 27, No\'s 3 & 4, 2015RohanWijesinha2016General
Loris, Vol 28, Issue 3, June 2018AyanthiSamarajeewa2018General
Loris, Vol 28, Issues 1 & 2, 2017RohanWijesinha2017General
Loris, Vol 4, No 2, June 1946R. L.Spittel1946General
Loris, Vol II, No 6, December 1957R. L.Spittel1957General
Loris, Vol IX, No 1, June 1961R. L.Spittel1961General
Loris, Vol VI, No 4, December 1953R. L.Spittel1953General
Loris, Vol VI, No 5, June 1954R. L.Spittel1954General
Loris, Vol VII, No 1, June 1955R. L.Spittel1955General
Loris, Vol VII, No 4, December 1956R. L.Spittel1956General
Loris, Vol VIII, No 1, June 1958R. L.Spittel1958General
Loris, Vol VIII, No 6, December 1960R. L.Spittel1960General
Loris, Vol XI, No 3, June 1968C. SelwynSamaraweera1968General
Loris, Vol XV, No 1, June 1979NoelDe Costa1979General
Loris, Vol XX, No 6, December 1995SiranceeGunawardana1995General
Loris, XVII, No 3, June 1986D. P.Wijesinghe1986General
Lost CitiesLeonardCottrell1957History
Lost Cities of AsiaWimSwaan1976History
Lost Cities of Ceylon, TheG.E.Mitton1928General
Lost Cousins, The Malays of Sri LankaB. A.Hussainmiya1987General
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