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Masks of Sri LankaM.H.Goonatilleka1976General
Matara District Integrated Rural Development ProjectAgrarian Research & Training InstituteN/A1983General
Matchmaker, TheT.B.Ilangaratne1974Literature
Mathew Peiris: From Mysticism to MurderA.C.Alles1992General
Matter of Timing, AJohnRimintonN/AGeneral
Matters of Violence - Social & Political Violence in Sri LankaJayadevaUyangoda1997General
Maturing in Ceylon, 75 Not Out - An Excursion Into the Near PastJ.VincentMendis1968General
Meanings of the Sigiriya PaintingsBenillePriyanka2016History
Mechanics of Constitutional Change The Sri Lankan StyleD.C.Jayasuriya1981Politics
Media & the Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka, The (Marga 19/19)ThiruKandiah2001General
Media Guide of Sri Lanka, Year 2000DharmanWickremaratne2000General
Mediaeval Sinhalese ArtAnanda K.Coomaraswamy1979General
Medical Profession in Sri Lanka 1843 - 1980, TheKamalikaPieris2001General
Medicinal Plants Used in Ceylon - Part 1 (Aca-Burs)D.M.A.Jayaweera1981General
Medicinal Plants Used in Ceylon - Part 2 (Cact-Faga)D.M.A.Jayaweera1980General
Medicinal Plants Used in Ceylon - Part 3 (Fla-Lyth)D.M.A.Jayaweera1981General
Medicinal Plants Used in Ceylon - Part 4 (Magno-Rubia)D.M.A.Jayaweera1982General
Medicinal Plants Used in Ceylon - Part 5 (Ruta-Zygo)D.M.A.Jayaweera1982General
Medico-Legal Aspects of Torture (Care of Victims of Torture & Extreme Trauma)RavindraFernando2000General
Medieval Gold Coins of Sri Lanka (700 - 1100)O. M. R.Sirisena2002General
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