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More Hindu TemplesS.Arumugam19891Religion
More Stories Retold from the Mahavamsa & ChulavamsaMaureenSeneviratne1991History
Morning Spice by GingerNihalCorea2002General
Morning Star, A - Remembering "Small of Richmond"Thomas JosephSimpson2001General
Most Dangerous Moment, The - The Japanese Assault on Ceylon 1942MichaelTomlinson1979General
Mothers For Life - Motherhood & Marginalization in the NCP of Sri LankaJoke ThereseSchrijvers1985General
Mount Lavinia Hotel, The Story ofMaureenSeneviratne1995General
Mount Lavinia The Governor's PalaceShevanthieGoonasekera2006General
Moving Towards What ? The Sri Lanka Economy 1977-1985Centre For Society & ReligionN/A1986General
Mud House To MansionHubertWeerasooriya2000Literature
Multiple Benefits of Small irrigation Tanks & their Economic Value - A Case Study in the Kala Oya Basin, Sri Lanka - IUCNH. D. B. S.Perera2005General
Multipurpose Tree Species in Sri LankaH.P.M., ProfGunasena1994General
Murali - The Greatest Among the GreatSampathBandara2010General
Murali, The Greatest Among the GreatSampathBandara2010General
Murals At Tivanka PilimageC.E.Godakumbura1969General
Murder in Ceylon, A - The Sathasivam CaseRavindraFernando, Prof2006General
Murder of a Beauty QueenAlexJosey1984General
Murder of a Moderate - Political Biography of A.AmirthalingamT.Sabaratnam1996Politics
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