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Bitter Lotus, TheRichardBeilby1978Literature
Black Australian, TheSunilGovinnage2012Literature
Black Lightning - The Story of a LeopardDenisClarkN/AGeneral
Blackheath Football Club Tour of Ceylon 1970 - SouvenirCeylon Rugby Football UnionN/A1970General
Blaze of Kingswood - His Life & WorkN/AN/A1959General
Blink, 1981 - 82SharminiJayewardena1982Literature
Blink, 1982 - 83ArnjaliEdrisinha1983Literature
Blink, 1983 - 84Romany D.Bandaranaike1984Literature
Blink, 1984 - 85Kumarde Silva1985Literature
Blink, 1986ChamaniHerath1986Literature
Blink, 1986 - 87AngelineK\'Singam1987Literature
Blink, 1993 - 94RomolaDane1994Literature
Blood of the Mango and other TalesPaulHogan1997Literature
Blood on Water - The Kilaly MassacreLTTEN/A1994General
Blue, Stories for AdultsAmeenaHussein2010Literature
Blueprints for IndependenceR.C., DrWinter1961Politics
Blurring of A Vision, The - The MahaweliH.P.Muller1995General
Bo-Atte Massacre & The Kebetigollawa Refugee Camp, TheICESN/A1995General
Bodhisattva Ideal, The - Essays on the Emergence of MahayanaBhikkhuNyanatusita2013Religion
Bogans, TheChannaWickremesekere2020Literature
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