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Sinhala MasksE.D.W.Jayewardene1970General
Sinhala Natum - Dances of the SinhaleseM.D.Raghavan1967General
Sinhala Peasant, The.TilakHettiarachchy1982General
Sinhala Poetry in TranslationRanjiniObeyesekere2017General
Sinhala Reading Public, TheMarga InstituteN/A1974General
Sinhala Tamil Conflict - An Approach to the National QuestionChristian Workers FellowshipN/A1984General
Sinhala Verse (Kavi) - Ethnology - Vol 1HughNevill1954Literature
Sinhala Verse (Kavi) - Ethnology - Vol 2HughNevill1954Literature
Sinhala Verse (Kavi) - Ethnology - Vol 3HughNevill1955Literature
Sinhala Village in Time of Trouble, A - Politics & ChangeJonathanSpencer1990Politics
Sinhala Writing & The New CriticsRanjiniObeyesekere1974General
Sinhala-ness & Sinhala Nationalism (Marga 4/19)MichaelRoberts2001General
Sinhale & The Patriots, 1815-1818P.E.Pieris1950History
Sinhalese Materia MedicaJohnAttygalle1917General
Sinhalese & Tamil As Official Languages - Report of Select CommitteeGovt of CeylonN/A1946General
Sinhalese & Their Contribution to the Art & Culture of the World, TheJohn M.Senaveratna1949General
Sinhalese - English Dictionary, ACharlesCarter1965General
Sinhalese Art & CultureS. DrParanavitanaN/AGeneral
Sinhalese Banners & StandardsEdward W.Perera1916General
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