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Terror in Paradise - This Battle For EelamC.H.S.Jayewardene1987General
Terrorism - Consequences & Remedies - SpeechRanasinghe, HonPremadasa1990General
Terrorism - The New World WarLloydPettiford2010General
Terrorism in IndiaShaileshwarNath1980General
Tesawalamai - The Laws & Customs of the Province of JaffnaT.SriRamanathan1972General
Test Match Grounds of the WorldN/AN/A1990General
test titletest AuthorFirsttest AuthorLast1236History
Tetrapod Reptiles of Ceylon - Vol 1, Testudinates & CrocodiliansP.E.P.Deraniyagala1939General
Tewatte - A Short Historical SketchPhillip, Rev. FrDissanayake1947Religion
Text Book of Arithmetic for Ceylon Schools, AT.Jacob1962General
Text book of Rural Science, AL.J. PeterPerera1939General
Texts of the Cave Inscriptions at Handagala ViharaC.W.NicholasN/AHistory
Thamba of RoyalT.D.S.A.Dissanayaka1997General
That's How It Goes - Autobiography of a Singapore EurasianF. A. C.Oehlers2008General
Thatched Patio, The - Vol 3, No 2, March/April 1990ICESN/A1990General
Thatched Patio, The - Vol 3, No 3, 1990International Centre For Ethnic StudiesN/A1990General
Thatched Patio, The - Vol 4, No 3, 1991International Centre For Ethnic StudiesN/A1991General
Thatched Patio, The - Vol 5, No 6, 1992International Centre For Ethnic StudiesN/A1992General
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