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Buddhist Dictionary - Manual of Buddhist Terms & DoctrinesNyanatilokaN/A1972Religion
Buddhist Diplomacy, Sri Lanka - Thailand RelationsGeorge, I. H.Cooke, Dr2022General
Buddhist Doctrine of Life After Death, ThePiyadassiThera1980Religion
Buddhist EssaysJ. R.Jayewardene1982Religion
Buddhist Essays & ReviewsA.D.Jayasundere1949Religion
Buddhist EthicsHammalawaSaddhatissa1970Religion
Buddhist IndiaT.W.Rhys Davids1981Religion
Buddhist Jataka Stories & The Russian Novel Mysticsim of LawrenceMartinWickramasinghe1991Literature
Buddhist Jataka Stories and the Russian Novel, TheMartinWickramasignhe1956Religion
Buddhist Meditation - The Way to Inner Calm & ClarityPiyadassiThera1978Religion
Buddhist Monastic ArchitectureAnuradhaSeneviratna1992Religion
Buddhist Monastic Life According to Theravada TraditionMohanWijyayratna1990Religion
Buddhist Paintings From Shrines & Temples in CeylonD. B.Dhanapala1964General
Buddhist Philosophy - A Historical AnalysisDavid J.Kalupahana1976Religion
Buddhist Religion, The - Basic Facts For ChristiansCharlesDeCelles1983Religion
Buddhist Revival in Sri LankaK.D.G., DrWimalaratne1985Religion
Buddhist Revival in Sri Lanka - Religious Traditions, Reinterpretation & ResponseGeorge D.Bond1992Religion
Buddhist Rituals & Ceremonies - Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Sri LankaAnuradhaSeneviratna1990Religion
Buddhist Rules For The LaityD.J.Subasinha1982Religion
Buddhist ScripturesEdwardConze1959Religion
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