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Titles of the Sinhalese Kings as Recorded in the Inscriptions of 3rd Century BCN/AN/AN/AHistory
To Follow The sunPunyakanteWijenaike2000Literature
To The East A PhoenixNigelCameron1960General
To The Rescue of Lanka - A Popular Story of Fr Joseph VazJoseph., Rev. FrAloysius1966Religion
To Think of TeaAgnesRepplier1932General
To Wage War Against the QueenDorothyLudowyk Joseph2002General
Together To Prosper - Text of Speeches by Mrs Sirima. R. D. BandaranaikeN/AN/A1976Politics
Tolerance, Non Agression & Mutual Respect - Speeches by J.R.JayewardeneDepartment of InformationN/A1979Politics
Tomb of Elara at Anuradhapura, TheJames T. DrRutnam1981History
Tombo of the Two Korales, TheS.G., FrPerera1938General
Tombstones & Monuments in CeylonJ.PenryLewis1993General
Tomorrow A Beautiful Sunrise - Memories of Yvonne Cooray CandappaMannyCandappa2001General
Tones of Time Shades of EternityPratapGooneratne2000General
Tooth Relic and The Crown, TheDharmaratnaHerath1994Religion
Tooth Relic of Ceylon, Memoir On The History of TheJ.GersonDa Cunha1996Religion
Torch, The, The Journal of the Sri Lanka Military AcademyN/AN/A1999General
Tortured Island & The Price of PeaceMalinga H.Gunaratne2009General
Tough Apprenticeship, AChannaWickremesekera2017General
Tourism in Ceylon - A ReportS.N.Chib1966General
Tourism in Sri Lanka: The Social ImpactNandasenaRatnapala1984General
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