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Buddhist Temple Paintings from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)- Kandy PeriodSriGunasinghe1978General
Buddhist Way of Life, TheDevapriyaValisinha1955Religion
Buddhist Women at the Time of the BuddhaHellmuthHecker1982Religion
Buddhist, The - Vesak Annual, Vol XXXIII, No 10, 1963C.D.S.Siriwardane1963Religion
Buddist Ecclesiastical Law, A Treatise on Sri Lankan Statute Law & Judicial Decisions on Buddhist Temples & TemporalitiesWickema, DrWeerasooria2011Religion
Budget Speech 1951 - 1952J.R.Jayewardene1952Politics
Budget Speech 1954 - 1955M.D.H.Jayawardane1954Politics
Budget Speech 1968 - 1969U.B.Wanninayake1968Politics
Budget Speech 1970 - 1971N.M, DrPerera1970Politics
Budget Speech 1971 - 1972N.M., DrPerera1971Politics
Budget Speech 1973N.M., DrPerera1972Politics
Budget Speech 1974N.M., DrPerera1973Politics
Budget Speech 1975N.M., DrPerera1974Politics
Budget Speech 1977Felix R.Dias Bandaranaike1976Politics
Budget Speech 1978Ronniede Mel1977Politics
Budget Speech 1979Ronniede Mel1978Politics
Budget Speech 1980Ronniede Mel1979Politics
Budget Speech 1981Ronniede Mel1980Politics
Budget Speech 1985Ronniede Mel1984Politics
Bulletin No 1, Manuscripts CommissionHitorical Manuscripts CommissionN/A1937History
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