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An Enemy WithinPunyakanteWijenaike1998Literature
An Etymological & Comparative Lexicon of Sinha & TamlzhH.S., Rev. FrDaaviid1974General
An Etymological & Comparative Lexicon of Three LanguagesH.S., Rev. FrDaaviid1972General
An Historical Relation of CeylonRobertKnox1966History
An Incomplete Sentence - The Cinema of Dharmasena PathirajaSivamohanSumathy2009General
An Interview with Shelagh Goonewardene on Aspects of Culture in Sri LankaLeRoyRobinson1985General
An Introducation to Tamil Rascism in Sri LankaNalinde Silva1997General
An Introduction to Civics & GovernmentA.J.Wilson1954General
An introduction to Common Spiders of Sri LankaRanilNanayakkara2014General
An Introduction to The Geology of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)P.G.Cooray1984General
An Unfinished JourneyShivaNaipaul1986Literature
Anagarika DharmapalaAnanda K.Guruge1967Religion
Analysis of the Pali Canon, AnRussellWebb1975Religion
Analysis of the White Paper on Employment Relations, AnCentre For Society & ReligionN/AN/AGeneral
Analysis of the'Alert International' Report on Sri Lanka, AnQASLUN/A1986General
Ananda College - 100 YearsV.S., ColKudaligama1986General
Ananda Coomaraswamy Centenary EssaysC.D.Narasimhaiah1982General
Ananda Coomaraswamy in Sri Lanka - A BibliographyJamesCrouch1977General
Ancient & Traditional Boxes, Caskets & Chests in Sri Lankan Museums - Killota or Chunam (Lime) BoxesP. H. D. H.De Silva2015General
Ancient & Traditional Boxes, Caskets & Chests in Sri Lankan Museums, Vol 1, 1 - 8th CenturyP. H. D. H.De Silva2015General
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