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Development Of Dry Zone AgricultureO.S.Peries1967General
Development of Talent, Discipline & Values - Speech by Hon. R. PremadasaN/AN/A1990General
Development of the Poor Through the Civilizing of the Rich, TheRev. Fr TissaBalasuriya1972General
Development Under Stress - Sri Lankan Economy in TransitionSamanKelegama2006General
Devil Birds of Ceylon, TheR.L.Spittel1968General
Devolution and Development in Sri LankaSunilBastian1994General
Devolution Proposals of the Lankan Government, TheASCSLUN/A1995General
Dhamma Reflections - EssaysBhikkhuBodhi2015Religion
Dhammapada, The or Way of TruthSilacara (Bhikkhu)N/A1915Religion
Dhammapada, The Way of TruthPeterFeldmeier2013Religion
Dharmista Budget, ThePieterKeunemanN/APolitics
Diabolical Conspiracy - Speeches of Hon Cyril MathewN/AN/AN/APolitics
Dialogue With Asian Religions As Condition For Total Human DevelopmentSri Lanka Foundation InstituteN/A1978General
Diamond Jubilee Souvenir, The Ceylon Planter's Society, 1936-2011N/AN/A2011General
Dianne's Diary - Extracts from a Personal 'Day Book'DianneN/A2006Literature
Diaries in Ceylon 1908-1911 - Records of A Colonial AdministratorLeonardWoolf1983General
Diary of Mr John D'OylyH.W.Codrington1917History
Dice of The Gods, The - A Tale of CeylonLucianDe Zilwa1940General
Dictionary - Sinhalese - English, English - SinhaleseT., RevMoscrop1992General
Dictionary of the Sinhalese Language, A - Vol 1, Part 3D.B., SirJayatilaka1938General
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