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Ethics of Gotama Buddha, The - An Appreciation & A CriticismC.H.S., RevWard1923Religion
Ethnic & Communal Violence ....& The Rule of Law in Sri LankaInternational Commssion of JuristsN/A1985General
Ethnic & Communal Violence: Fragile FreedomsInternational Commission of JuristsN/A1984General
Ethnic and Class Conflicts in Sri LankaKumariJayawardena1990General
Ethnic Conflict & Reconciliation in Sri LankaChelvaduraiManogaran1987General
Ethnic Conflict & Sinhala Conciousness, TheStanleyJayaweera2001General
Ethnic Conflict and Violence in Sri LankaVirginia A., ProfLeary1983General
Ethnic Conflict in Buddhist Societies in South & Southeast AsiaK. Silva2015General
Ethnic Conflict in Buddhist Socities - Sri Lanka, Thailand, BurmaK.M.De Silva1988Religion
Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka Sinhalese Perspectives Barriers To AccommodationMichaelRoberts1992General
Ethnic Crisis in Sri Lanka, TheC.G.Weeramantry1984General
Ethnic Dimensions of Socio-Economic Development, The (Marga 10/19)GodfreyGunatilleke2001General
Ethnic Futures - The State & Identity Politics in AsiaJoannaPfaff-Czarnecka1999General
Ethnic Poltics in Colonial Sri Lanka, 1927-1947NiraWickramasinghe1995General
Ethnic Problem in Sri Lanka, The - A Collection of Articles & EssaysCentre For Ethnic AmityN/AN/AGeneral
Ethnic problem in Sri Lanka, The - Collection of Articles & Essays, Vol 2C.G.Weeramantry1984General
Ethnic Strife & Politics in Sri LankaW.A.Wiswa, ProfWarnapala1994Politics
Ethnic Studies Report - Vol XiV, No 1, January 1996ICESN/A1996General
Ethnicity & Social Change in Sri LankaSocial Scientists AssociationN/A1985General
Ethnological Survey of The Muslims of Sri Lanka, AnN/AN/A1986General
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