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Notes Concerning the Occurence of Small Desert Tracts in the North-West of CeylonWaylandSpolia Zeylanica1915XXXXIV166 - 174General
Notes on a Clutch of Eggs & Hatchlings of Natrix PiscatorJinasenaLoris1982XVI116 - 17General
Notes on a Collection of Nudibranchs from CeylonEliotSpolia Zeylanica1909VIXXIII79 - 95General
Notes on a Dead BearKurtLoris1968XI4183 - 184 General
Notes on a Possible Mass Migration of Marine Species off the West Coast of Sri LankaDe SilvaLoris200022439 - 41General
Notes on an Ancient Habitation Near KudiramalaiBrohierJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1929XXXI82388 - 397General
Notes on an Exploration in Eastern Uva & Southern Panama PattuLewisJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1914XXIII67276 - 292General
Notes on Animal & Plant Life in the Vedda CountryLewisSpolia Zeylanica1915XXXXVII119 - 165General
Notes on Ceylon CoccidaeRutherfordSpolia Zeylanica1915XXXXVII103 - 115General
Notes on Ceylon DpiteraBrunettiSpolia Zeylanica1910VIXXIV170 - 172General
Notes on Ceylon Topography in the Twelfth CenturyCodringtonCeylon Historical Journal, The1954 - 195541, 2, 3 & 4130 - 152History
Notes on Ceylon Topography in the Twelfth Century - 2CodringtonJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1925XXX7870 - 91General
Notes on Ceylon Water Birds - 2WaitSpolia Zeylanica1917XXXXIX287 - 346General
Notes on Ceylonese Tetriginae (Orthoptera) With Descriptions of Some New SpeciesHancockSpolia Zeylanica1910VIXXIV140 - 149General
Notes on Paddy Cultivation Ceremonies in the Ratnapura DistrictCoomaraswamyJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1905XVIII56413 - 431General
Notes on Some Rare Sri Lanka Birds - 1WijesingheLoris1983XVI4205 - 209General
Notes on Some Termites from CeylonJohnSpolia Zeylanica1913IXXXXIV102 - 116General
Notes on TangalleDe KretserJournal of the D.B.U.1949XXXIX246 - 50General
Notes on the Concept of the Will in BuddhismMatthewsSri Lanka Journal of the Humanities, The197512152 - 160Religion
Notes on the Constitutional Law of Colonial CeylonJenningsJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1950I New SeriesN/A51 - 72Politics
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