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Obituary - L. L. HunterN/AJournal of the D.B.U.1960L1 & 261General
Obituary - Lionel Wendt CJournal of the D.B.U.1945XXXIV4124 - 125General
Obituary - Mrs Marian BrohierN/AJournal of the D.B.U.1960L3 & 4118General
Obituary - Sir Francis Soertsz, K.C.BrohierJournal of the D.B.U.1951XLI139General
Obituary - Thomas Hubert (Tommy) Kelaartde AndradoJournal of the D.B.U.1990LXIV1 - 422General
Obituary - Vernon ArndtN/AJournal of the D.B.U.1962LII3 & 436 - 37General
Obituary - William James van LangenbergN/AJournal of the D.B.U.1965LV1 - 445General
Observation of the Feeding of the Merrem's Hump-Nosed Viper, Hypnale in the Wilds, AnNanayakkaraLoris1989XVIII4165 General
Observations in CeylonHaeckelLoris1972XII6316 - 318General
Observations of a Scops OwlDissanayakeLoris1976XIV297 - 98General
Observations on a Nesting Grebede ZylvaLoris1968XI4210 - 213General
Observations on Computations of the Mortality Rate Among Immigrant Indian Labourers in Ceylon in the Coffee PeriodRobertsCeylon Journal of Historial & Social Studies, The19669181 - 84General
Observations on Indothele lanka, a Funnel Web Spider from Sri LankaKuntnerJournal of South Asian Natural History199722199 - 204General
Observations on the Annual Mass Migration of Brown Winged Terns off the Coast of ColomboDe SilvaLoris1982XVI127 - 28General
Observations on the Endemic Banded Mountain LoachNalindaLoris1985XVII250 - 52General
Observations on the Endemic Redlip GobyNalindaLoris1989XVIII4150 - 151General
Observations on the Horned Lizard - Cerataphora StoddartiIlangakoonLoris1990XIX144 - 45General
Observations on the Life History of the Nematode, Panagrolaimus RigidusGaddSpolia Zeylanica194323265 - 69General
Observations on the Nests, Eggs & Larvae of Ophiocephalus StriatusWilleySpolia Zeylanica1909VIXXIII108 - 123General
Observations on the Philippine ShrikeGunawardanaLoris1991XIX395 - 96General
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