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Post-Tsunami Recovery in Sri LankaUyangodaPolity205234 - 7General
Postal Arrangements in Ceylon in Early British TimesN/AJournal of the D.B.U.1932166 - 1673166 - 167General
Postal History of Ceylon, TheN/ACeylon Today196615720 - 23General
Postscript to the Kadadora GrantGodakumburaJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1953III New Series172 - 79General
Potential for Some Agro-Industrial CropsAppaduraiCeylon Today1968XVII7 & 821 - 23General
Potentials & Problems of Manpower in CeylonSelvaratnamCeylon Today196615813 - 19General
Potter Wasp, Thede ZylvaLoris1971XII4202 - 204General
Power - The Lifeline of IndustryDe SilvaCeylonToday1968XVII11 & 1222 - 26General
Prani-Vada-Virati: A Novice's VowDerrettUniversity of Colombo Review19811120 - 29Religion
Prayer for Welanwita, A (the old Welanmita)SeneviratneLoris199922139 - 42General
Pre-Buddhist Religious Beliefs in CeylonParanavitanaJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1929XXXI82302 - 328Religion
Pre-Vijayan Legends & Traditions Pertaining to CeylonPaulJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1929XXXI82263 - 300History
Predators of Sri Lankan BatsDiganaLoris200022446 - 48General
Prehistoric ArchaeologyN/ACeylon Today19587719 - 22History
Prehistoric Land Connections Postulated Upon Similarities Between Present Day FaunasParanavitanaAncient Ceylon19711N/A23 - 25General
Prehistory of CeylonGodakumburaCeylon Today1965141019 - 25History
Premier's Statement on the Indo-Ceylon AgreementN/ACeylon Today1964121210 - 18Politics
Present Day Veddhas of DambanaUragodaLoris1969XI5278 - 279General
Present State of the Ceylon Elephant, The NicholasCeylon Today19521119 - 21General
Present Status of the Dugong in the Indo-Sri Lanka Waters, TheJonesLoris1983XVI3139 - 141General
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