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Dr Peter Daniel Anthonisz, C.M.G.N/AJournal of the D.B.U.1963LIII1 & 237General
Dr Sidney Percival JosephN/AJournal of he D.B.U.1934XXIV133 - 34General
Dr Wilfred Arthur Bartholomeusz - In Memoriam BrohierJournal of the D.B.U.1939XXIX126 - 27General
Dravidian Element in Sinhalese, TheGnana PrakasarJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1936XXXIII89233 - 253General
Dream of a Passer-By - Former Dutch Hospital, ColomboN/AJournal of the D.B.U.1997LXIX1 - 45 - 7History
Dreams of the Past - Life in ColomboWeinmanJournal of the D.B.U.1956XLVI2 & 388 - 90General
Dress of the Sinhalese Soldiers in Portuguese & Kandyan TimesN/AJournal of the D.B.U.1960L3 & 4116 - 118General
Dressing the Sacred TreeWickremasingheTimes of Ceylon Annual1974N/AN/AN/AReligion
Duck (and Flamingo) Count in Sri Lanka, The - 1983 Mid-January HoffmannLoris1983XVI3116 - 123General
Dugongs of Ceylon, TheBertramLoris1970XII153 - 55General
Dumbara Weavers, TheWijesingheTourists' Ceylon19703310 - 13General
Dung Beetle, TheKarunaratneLoris1978XIV6375 - 377General
Durand Victor Altendorff, I.S.O., J.P. & U.M.N/AJournal of the D.BU.1951XLI399 - 101General
Durch Burgher Union of Ceylon, TheN/AJournal of the D.B.U.1908111 - 11General
Durch Governors of Ceylon, The - Van Goens, HustaartAnthoniszJournal of the D.B.U.1931XXI257 - 66History
Dutch & Roads in Ceylon, TheN/AJournal of the D.B.U.1937XXVII138History
Dutch Architecture, Dutch Colonial Architecture, Dutch Period Architecture or Architecture of Dual Parentagede Vos400 Years of Sri Lanka-Netherlands RelationsAugust 2002N/AN/A1 - 28General
Dutch BroederN/AJournal of the D.B.U.1966LVI1 - 449 - 50General
Dutch Burgher Union of Ceylon, The (Fifty Years) N/AJournal of the D.B.U.1958XLVIII11 - 22General
Dutch Burgher Union, The - 25 years of Life & WorkVan Der WallJournal of the D.B.U.1933XXII396 - 98General
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