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Etroplus Maculatus (Orange Chromide) Sinhala-Ralliya, Kaha-KraliyaGunawardanaLoris1985XVII19 General
Eudelin de Jonville's Three Illustrated Manuscript Volumes on Ceylon of 1801DeraniyagalaSpolia Zeylanica1958282219 - 221General
Eurasian Bittern, The: An Addition to the List of Sri Lanka BirdsGunawardeneLoris1985XVII252 - 53General
Euro-Centric Look of the Dutch Towards CeylonWagenaar400 years of Sri Lanka-Netherlands RelationsAugust 2002N/AN/A1 - 6History
European Chairs in Ceylon in the 17th & 18th CenturiesPearsonJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1928XXXI8177 - 101General
European Descent in the D.B.U.N/AJournal of the D.B.U.1927XVI3100General
European Widgeon, The - Anas PenelopeFernandoLoris1968XI4208General
Europeans of the Ceylon Civil Service in the 1920's, The: The View from the Kachcheri BlacktonCeylon Journal of Historical & Social Studies, The19788 (New Series)132 - 46General
Evaluation in the Case Law Relating to Desertion as a Ground for Divorcede SoysaColombo Law Review, The19795N/A143 - 153General
Events Leading to the Capitulation of 1796, The - A Re-Statement BrohierCeylon Historical Journal, The195323 & 4275 - 294History
Evidence On Rebirth, TheJayatillakeCeylon Today196412516 - 24Religion
Evolution & Significance of the Makara Torana, TheRanasingheJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1991/92XXXVI New SeriesN/A132 - 145General
Evolution of a Ceylonese Nation, TheMendisJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1967XI New SeriesN/A1 - 22History
Evolution of Coastal Landforms in the Western Part of Sri LankaKatupothaGeographical Sciences198843117 - 36General
Evolution of the Technique of Sinhalese Wall Painting & Comparison with Indian Painting Methods, TheDe SilvaAncient Ceylon19711N/A90 - 104General
Ex-situ Conservation of Woody Plant Species in Sri LankaGunatillekeLoris1982XVI273 - 79General
Examination of the Policy to Recognise Continuous Assessments Conducted in Schools as Part of the G.C.E.WanasingheUniversity of Colombo Review19877N/A1 - 17General
Examination of the Political Troubles that Followed the Death of King Parakramabahu 1, AnPereraJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1958V New Series2173 - 182History
Excavations at KiriveheraN/ACeylon Today196110323 - 25Religion
Excavations at Padaviya, TheN/ACeylon Today195431128 - 31History
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