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List of Some of the Founders of Families Which Settled in Ceylon from Europe During the Dutch Administration, A D. 1640-1796 - 3 De VosJournal of the D.B.U.190813158 - 160History
Literature and the Ceylon Civil ServiceToussaintJournal of the D.B.U.1934XXIII3113 - 143General
Little-Known Ceylon Author, A - John Whitchurch Bennett, F.L.S.ToussaintJournal of the D.B.U.1946XXXV499 - 106General
Livestock Improvement Programme, AAmarasingheCeylon Today196514 61 - 6General
Living Treasure (Sea Shells)JonklaasTousits' Ceylon19693112 - 16General
Lizards of Mount GannoruwaBatuwitaLoris200022313 - 15General
Lobster Regulations, TheN/ALoris1978XIV5332 - 333General
Local Fresh Water Fish Rearing as a HobbyAriyaratneLoris1977XIV4198 - 201General
Local HistoryBlazeJournal of the D.B.U.1950XL11 - 6History
Locating Mahattitha - The Real Site of the Great Emporium of Ancient TambapaniPereraJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1990/91XXXV New SeriesN/A110 - 130History
Location of Mahatittha, ThePereraJournal of the Royal Asiatic Society1992/93XXXVII New SeriesN/A107 - 115History
Lone WoolfGooneratnePolity20052418 - 22General
Long Billed Plover (Charadrius Placidus) A First Record from Sri LankaDe SilvaLoris1993XX252 - 53General
Long Reigneth the Otterly Test: Genealogy & Sri Lankan Burghers in a 'Postcolonial' WorldCampbellThe Australian Feminist Law Journal200522N/A89 - 105General
Look Back from Pettah to "Oude Stad" - Vignettes from the PastBrohierJournal of the D.B.U.1965LV1 - 428 - 30History
Looking BackDharmasenaLoris1997XXI3114 - 117General
Lord Macaulay of the East - Dandris de Silva GunaratnaSamatTimes of Ceylon Annual1964N/AN/AN/AGeneral
Lord Valentia in CeylonToussaintJournal of the D.B.U.1946XXXVI16 - 9General
Lore & Legend From Jungle VillagesBrohierJournal of the D.B.U.1931XX3107 - 125General
Lore, Legend & Local Folk-Ideas on Wildlife BrohierLoris1969XI5273 - 277General
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