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Crosscurrents ? Sri Lanka & Australia at Cricket, 168 ppMichael Roberts & Alfred James1998Soft Cover15.00
Disarmamanet, A Multicultural ApproachA. C. Shahul Hameed1986Hard Cover10.00
Education in Ceylon Before & After Independence, 1939-1968, 218ppJ. E. Jayasuriya1969Hard Cover10.00
Guide to Banking in Sri Lanka, 17 ppCentral Bank of Ceylon1982Soft Cover5.00
In Pursuit of Peace ? On Non-Alignment & Regional Cooperation, 122 ppA.C.S Hameed1983Hard Cover10.00
MARGA - Identity on the Borderline: Multicultural History in a Moment of Danger, 30ppDarini Rajasingham-Senanayake2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - India?s Role in Sri Lanka?s Ethnic Conflict, 16ppSankaran Krishna2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - Landscapes of Malaiyaha Tamil Identity, 22ppDaniel Bass 2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - Negotiating Processes in Sri Lanka, 22ppLix Philipson2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - Negotiations for the Resolution of the Ethnic Conflict, 65ppGodfrey Gunatilleke2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - Plural Identities & Political Choices of the Muslim Community, 16ppAmeer Ali2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - Sinhala-ness & Sinhala Nationalism, 20ppMichael Roberts2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - Tamil Nationalism, 30ppDevanesan Nesiah2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - The Ethnic Conflict & Sinhala Consiousness, 12ppStanley Jayaweera2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - The Ethnic Dimensions of Socio-Economic Development, 51ppGodfrey Gunatilleke2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - The Media & the Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka, 45ppThiru Kandiah2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - The Role of the Churches in the Ethnic Conflict, 22ppNeville Jayaweera2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - The Role of the Churches: A Historical Perspective, 12ppJeffrey Abayasekera2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - The Role of the Sangha in the Reconciliation Process, Silva & T.Bartholomeusz2001Soft Cover5.50
MARGA - The Sixth Genre: Memory, History & the Tamil Diaspora Imagination, 30ppR.Cheran2001Soft Cover5.50
Rain Magic and other Stories, 145ppEdith Weereratne1997Soft Cover10.00
Report of the Sinhala Commission (Part 1), 322 ppNational Joint Committee1998Soft Cover10.00
Some Decided Cases on Our Temple Laws, 79 ppEric Wijekulasuriya1963Soft Cover15.00
The Ceylon Historical Journal, Vol XXV, No's 1-4, 304ppN/A1978Soft Cover15.00
The Christian Church in Sri Lanka, 144ppD. Kanagasabai Wilson1975Soft Cover10.00
War or Peace in Sri Lanka, Vol 2, 163ppT.D.S.A.Dissanayake1998Soft Cover5.00
With a Fistful of Rice (History of Mahamaya Girls College, Kandy)Indrani Meegama2003Soft Cover12.00
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