New Publications

by Laksiri Jayasuriya, David Walker & Jan Gothard

Race, Culture & Nation

by Channa Dassanyaka

A journey through the island's food and culture

by E.C.T. Candappa

The story of the assassination of SWRD Bandaranaike

Electoral Politics in Sri Lanka (1994-2003)

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by Edith Weereratne

by Rienzie Weereratne
ISBN 955-98632-0-7 Publication date: September 2004

by Channa Wickremesekera

Indigenous Military Resistance to European Expansion in Sri Lanka 1594-1818

ISBN 955-8095-52-4 Publication date: 2004

by Michael Roberts
A review article Printed as booklet: 52 pages with 30 striking photographs within the covers and 4 more on front cover and back (mostly in colour). The descriptive texts attached to some of these pictures convey stories in themselves.
Colombo: Vijtiha Yapa Publications
ISBN 955-1266-03-X8 Publication date: 2005

by Michael Roberts

Analytical survey of Sri Lanka’s cricketing history over the course of 200 years.

ISBN 55 9102 82 1 Publication date: 2005

by Channa Wickremesekera

The long-standing tension between the Sri Lankan Tamil and Sinhala migrant-communities in Australia comes to a head at a fundraiser organised in Melbourne. In his second novel about the diaspora, the author sensitively and humorously explores the prejudices and hypocrisies that follow them into their new home.

ISBN 955-8897-04-3 Perera Hussein Publishing House

by Erin Kelaart
In the little teardrop-shaped island of Ceylon in the 1950s, ancient cultural beliefs steeped in ritual sorcery are very much alive under the veneer of an urbanised and colonised population. The island's indigenous beliefs barely touch the idyllic lives of Ben and Anita Roberts, until a former neighbour perpetrates a powerful occult charm upon Ben to lure him away from his wife. Tragedy follows in its wake.

by David Ebbels
This is the personal story of six years spent as an assistant manager on tea plantations in the beautiful and historic island of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka.