The desire to share his motherland with Australian citizens prompted Sri Lankan, Victor Melder to open a library in Victoria, dedicated to Sri Lanka way back in 1968.

A unique library on Sri Lanka, perhaps the only one of its kind overseas, exists in Melbourne, Australia. Begun by Victor Melder in 1968, when he migrated to Australia with the one book he had with him then, it has today over 4, 300 books, 2000 magazines and journals, 25 years of Sunday newspapers and a collection of video and audio tapes all on Sri Lanka.

Victor, who grew up in a village in Peradeniya, says he has savoured village life to its fullest and attributes this to be the cause of his love for his motherland. This is what he seeks to share with everyone alike in Australia and what gave birth to the 'Victor Melder Sri Lanka Library', which today is used by many across Australia as a primary source of reference on Sri Lanka.


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