A large number of publications on the religions  of Sri Lanka - Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, are available, including those on the various Christian Groups.

Over 75 books on Buddhism alone, including three volumes on the Jataka Stories, and a large collection of booklets (Wheel  Publications) on Buddhism are available.

Fr Perniola's classic publications on the  Catholic Church in Sri Lanka during the Portuguese Period - 3 volumes, Dutch  Period - 3 volumes and British Period - 3 volumes are also available.

A publication on "Buddhism in Australia", for  which the writer did research in this Library, is available for perusal.

While no material on the religiousness of the  Sri Lankans in Australia are available, addresses of the various places of  worship, frequented by the Sri Lankans in Victoria are available though.



FR Joseph Vaz, Apostle of Sri  Lanka

Sacred dagobas and Sites in Sri Lanka


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